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Privacy focused

Our servers are located in SOC2 II and III, ISO/IEC 27001:2013and PCI-DSS compliant datacenters in Germany. We will never use your data or interactions with Intellexie to train our models, And we never sell your data to marketers, analytics or any 3rd party. for more information please check our privacy policy
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Easy integration

Intellexie aims to become the #1 AI integrations platform to help teams easily integrate various AI assistants into their day-to-day productivity tools. We provide seemeless integration with major data sources and messaging apps such as Confluence, Slack, Discord, and more coming soon.
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In-House AI

We run our own LLM and AI hardware to guarantee that your data and interactions with the AI remains secure within our premises at all times. Additionally, we guarantee that your data will not be utilized for re-training AI models. In the near future, upon request, we will also enable you to integrate and use 3rd party AI systems of your choice (ChatGPT, Claude ... etc) .

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